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December 26 2015


How To Work With Your Free Android App APK

Microsoft announced its plans to bring androidpolice.com to Android several months past, as well as a beta version of the program was slated to launch. To install a APK file on a typical Android tablet or cellphone using a procedure called sideloading", you have to alter your security settings: in your device's Security screen, you'll need to empower Unknown Sources. The next thing is to replicate the APK file from your own computer to a phone , once you've done that. Assuming relevant internet page is in the Downloads folder, navigate to that particular folder (using your Android device, not your computer) and harness the APK file. To start with, go into Apps > Settings > Applications > Programs From Unknown Sources (or Settings > More > Apparatus > Enable Setup of Programs on more recent devices) and make sure that the option is enabled.
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